The Korean Association of Immunologists

Immunology's share in modern biology and medicine is increasing, and in particular,
as the basic principles of immunology are applied to the medical industry and the treatment of
incurable diseases, it is developing into a convergence study in which engineers, companies,
and hospital officials also participate.


Jeehee Youn, PhD
2021 Dear Friends and Colleages,

Greetings from Seoul, Korea. It is a very special privilege to welcome you on behalf of the KAI executive committee to the KAI International Meeting 2021 Hybrid.

We will hold the KAI International Meeting 2021 in a new form “Hybrid”. Some members will be on-site face-to-face and others will meet virtually. Following last year's virtual meeting, I am pleased that this year's meeting will be held face-to-face albeit to a limited scale. I am also excited to have a chance to communicate with many outstanding scholars.





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