Dear KAI members and Colleagues

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am very much honored to invite you to KAI International Meeting 2017. This meeting will be held at the Sejong University Convention Center in Seoul, Korea from November 8th to 10th, 2017.

Thanks to the great efforts of the KAI and the remarkable progress made in recent years, the fall conference has been re-born as an international meeting since this year. During the three-day meeting, more than 1,000 participants, including prominent domestic and international immunologists, are expected to attend. In plenary lectures, we will hear invaluable insights and their outstanding scientific achievements from the world-renowned three scholars, Dr. Glen N. Barber (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine), Dr. Anjana Rao (La Jolla Institute For Allergy and Immunology), and Dr. Shimon Sakaguchi (Osaka University). In addition, the distinguished scientists are going to present the most recent advances in 10 Block Symposia and 4 Mini Symposia which are covering a broad spectrum of immunology research fields. In particular, the poster presentation of this year is being prepared for young investigators and graduate students to boost opportunities to share and discuss their recent findings with invited speakers.

We hope that KAI International Meeting 2017 will play an important role as a platform to exchange recent progress, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology with KAI members and global experts and to launch future collaborative researches. Our committee will organize this meeting so that it will be a very exciting and meaningful time for all participants.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Warmest regards to all,

Chung-Gyu Park, MD, PhD.
President of the Korean Association of Immunologists