Abstract Submission Guideline

Deadline for Abstract Submission

Deadline for abstract submission
18:00, October 13 (Fri), 2017

Online abstract submission page will be closed by 6 pm of October 13 (Fri), Korean (Seoul/Tokyo) time.


  1.  1. Allergy, Hypersensitivity and Autoimmunity
  2.  2. Antigen Processing and Presentation
  3.  3. Immune Cell Development, Differentiation and Function
  4.  4. Immune Mediators, their Receptors and Signaling
  5.  5. Immune Response Regulation and Tolerance
  6.  6. Innate Immune Response, Infection and Inflammation
  7.  7. Mucosal and Regional Immunity
  8.  8. Tumor and Transplantation Immunology
  9.  9. Vaccines and Immune Therapeutics
  10.  10. Technical Innovations and Others

Oral Presentation & Poster Presentation Awards

  1. 1. Please choose your abstract submission category between 'Oral Presentation' and 'Poster Presentation'.
  2. 2. The Scientific Committee will select abstracts for the Oral Presentation among the candidates. Selected abstracts should be presented both Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation.
  3. 3. Quality of submitted Abstract and Poster Presentation during the session will be evaluated for the Poster Presentation Award.
    (Presenter must stay close to their posters for the evaluation during the poster session.

Evaluation Standard for Poster Presentation

The scientific committee will select best posters in accordance with evaluation as below.

  1. 1. Abstract Review
    If your abstract is already published (or in press) to SCI journals, the publication information should be noticed while submission. The scientific committee may request for the certificate of publication. (If it is schedule to publish, please send a proof of publication) Different evaluation standard will be applied to unpublished abstracts.
  2. 2. Presentation Evaluation
    Evaluation will take place during the poster presentation.
  3. 3. Award: November 10 (Fri), 2017 / 17:20~19:00

Abstract Submission

  • - Click the 'Go to Abstract Submission' button below.
  • - Verify your personal information before submission and make any changes if necessary.
  • - The abstract must follow the given format.
    • English is the official language.
    • Title: Each word should be started with a capital letter.
    • Presenting Author & Co-Author: Use comma (,) between co-authors.
      Underline Presenting Author and asterisk (*) for Corresponding Author*.
    • Name: Put First Name Middle Name Last Name. Please follow the order.
    • Affiliation: Use superscripted number (UCLA1) if there are more than one name and affiliation.
    • Body: Font 10. Less than 2,000 words. No more than 1 page.
    • Key words: less than 5 words. Each word should begin with a capital letter.
  • - You will be able to confirm status upon submission and modify your abstract at anytime before the
       final due date.

Poster Format

  1. 1. Poster size: 90 (width) x 120 (length) cm
  2. 2. Headline: Please follow the order of Title-Author-Affiliation. And leave a line between Title-Author-Affiliation.
  3. 3. Underline the name of the presenter and indicate correspondence information along with an e-mail address marked by an asterisk (*).

General Terms

  1. 1. Abstracts must be submitted online at this Conference Homepage.
  2. 2. We will not accept abstracts via post mail (regular mail), fax, or e-mail.
  3. 3. Please follow the instructions on the Homepage to format your abstract accordingly.
  4. 4. Please remember the registration number and the password that you use for your abstract submission, as it will be required to modify your abstract.

Travel Grant

  • KAI International Meeting 2017 is pleased to offer travel grants to young investigators of distinction.
    • Grant
      Each nominee from America/Europe/Africa areas or from Asia areas will receive USD 500 or USD 300, respectively.
    • Eligibility
      Young investigators, such as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, are eligible to apply for travel grants. The applicants must be a first author (i.e. presenting author) of an abstract submitted for either oral or poster presentation, and should provide proof of their student's or training status with a certificate of the University resp. Head of Department. Please send the certificate to the secretariat, kai_office@ksimm.or.kr by October 6 (Fri), 2017.
    • Selection
      The organizing committee of the Conference will select a limited number of nominees, whose abstracts have been evaluated as outstanding. The nominee will be notified by e-mail and through the Conference website in early Oct, 2017.
    • Application
      Participants can apply online by clicking on a button for travel grants applications during abstract submission. If you have already submitted your abstract, please login again and tick off the blank for sure. The nominee must register by the pre-registration date. Otherwise, the grants will be automatically cancelled.
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